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We Help Women Create Profitable Businesses.

Sheinnov8s is a continuous innovation platform that helps female entrepreneurs find repeatable and scalable business ideas.

We have helped over 12,000 people to build, grow and supercharge their online business with our E-books and other materials.

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We share our latest insights and what’s working now through in-depth blog posts, tutorials & research case studies.

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Patricia S.

Before this training E-book, I had goals set, but, I didn't have a clear understanding of how or when I needed to achieve those goals."


Emelia G.

"This training E-book not only changed my approach to building my startup, but it made sure I was focusing on loving the problem and not the product."


Lauren M.

"If you're interested in entrepreneurship/innovation, apply these concepts. Had I done so earlier, I know I would have saved myself much time, and money."

About US

Sheinnov8s was started by a network of professional women and moms. These women had one thing in common. They wanted to work for themselves and do work that was actually exciting. 

They banded together and with their combined skillset were able to start and successfully sell two e-commerce businesses. It was after this that they decided to outline their process and share it with other women like them.


Browse through our selection of eBooks and Micro-courses, made specifically to be easily understandable. Each section of our Micro-course is only 5-10 minutes long.  


Tell Us About Your Business Story

Tell us about your successes and failures in business and be featured on our blog! We believe sharing our journeys, the mistakes we've made, and the paths we took can help others achieve success. 

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